Sheet-fed rotogravure presses

Rotogravure Technology

A) Print & Refinement Production

Since the last century Moog has developed sheetfed rotogravure with its sheet-fed presses to a short-run future pointing process. This direct printing process enables the best transfer of inks and varnishes to a substrate. The process is used in many industries of decorative and functional printing where highest printing quality is needed. “The vision is the mission” to attract most attention on the shelf, mainly in the folding carton printing business, but also in creative areas like photography and fine art printing.

B) Features

Since years sheet-fed rotogravure presses of Moog have met the individual needs of brand owners, as an alternative of web-fed rotogravure presses. A steady development in the field of press configurations, printing substrates, cylinder specs, ink and varnishes have brought rotogravure printing in the upper level of quality. Never known improvements of print productions are meanwhile realized.

C) Additional Equipment Solutions

Sheetfed gravure printing enables the producers to turn the most sophisticated ideas of their packaging designers into specific products

D) Quality Aspect

Moreover Moog sheet-fed rotogravure presses stand for environmental compatibility in important points: A short run machine solution in space saving configuration is working with Moog clamping cylinder for photopolymer-, copper-, steel-plates. Environmental friendly is also the use of water based inks and varnishes. Register true repeat runs are an important advantage to invest in a Moog sheetfed rotogravure press.